RL PM1 Sound Hole Pickup

The Bryk RL PM1 is a magnetic-piezo sound hole pickup.
It has a patented magnets positioning and patented piezo system built-in.
The mix between magnetic and piezo signal, will give you professional sound with the most wanted feeling of space in playing.
The pole pieces and magnet positioning are already set, to have the best balance between the strings.
The pickup is shielded thru its aluminum housing. This will turn your guitar into the next level of professional sound on stage.
The patented adjustment system was specially  developed, simple and easy to use, so that you can adjust more treble or bass sound for your need.
The adjustment system also works so that you can set the pickup higher or lower. Thus you make the sound quieter or louder.
Because of its design, the bracket does not affect vibrations in the Top.